The Planet Furaha right now

This is where the planet is in its orbit around the star Jua.

In this image the planet circles clockwise around the star Jua, with a new year starting at the tip if the image, between the autumn and winter parts. The image represents a section of 10 degree of orbit. The present section is shown as a light blue 'slice', with the planet situated in the middle of the segment. The dark blue area indicates which part of the orbit the planet has already traveled through in the present year.

As the image is updated every 10 degrees of orbit, there are 36 such images in a Furahan year. That length of time corresponds to 15.3 Furaha days and 16 Terran days.

This image shows the ditribution of light and darkness over the surface of the planet, right now. The top half of this picture shows a map of Furaha with a representation of the night and day halves of the planet. The line separating the two halves, the 'terminator', changes shape depending on the season. The shape is updated 36 times per Furahan year, about every 16 Earth days.

The left one of the two globes below the map shows Furaha as it would look from the sun, with the plane of the orbit horizontal. Note that the planet will appears to be tilted. The direction of tilt changes over the year. When it is summer in the Northern hemisphere, the North pole will appear to be tilted away from the sun. The other globe, the dark one, shows Furaha's night side. During a Furahan day the planet will of course rotate around its axis.

This image is changed 24 times in a Furahan day, or once overy 63.5 Earth minutes. The horizontal lines indicate polar and tropical areas and the vertical bands represent the 24 hours of a Furahan day. The current situation is as follows: