Cathedral Tree (no scientific name has yet been given)


Cathedral Trees form are the dominant trees over large tracts of Bogoria, where they for open savannahs, but if conditions are right, they can also grow into relatively dense forests. They are easily mistaken for Meralgian whip trees, if one ignores the fact that the latter grow on another continent. Cathedral trees, or 'caths', received their name from the graceful curves their branches make, somewhat reminescent of the arches of Earth's mediaeval European godhouses. Their leaves let some scattered sunlight through, makeing them suitable as partial sun screens.

What you see here is an interesting interaction between Cathedral Trees and Gothic Trees. The two species are rarely found together. It used to be thought that this was simply due to different soil predilections, but the story proved to have a twist: each species in fact secretes agents through its roots that are more or less poisonous to other species. The gothic and cathedral trees are in fact waging a slow war over territory, on a time scale humans hardly consider.


Imaging tips
A nice image! The early dwan brings unusual colours to the image and sets off the main subject, the tree, from its surroundings. Such effects are advocated when one is trying to convey atmosphere, but never for factual imagery, where content is important.
Mercedez-Fuji ZX-81 with autofloat. F=6.7, Ts=0.003, probability sequencing off.