Gothic Tree(no scientific name has yet been given)


Gothic trees are related to flare and cathedral trees. In fact, their rules of growth are very similar. One of the main differences is that the central tuber does not rest on the ground, but is placed relatively high in the tree. There is no central stem to speak of. The graceful curves of the air roots, with their sharp angles, evoke a feeling of being in a Gothic church. Obviously, that only works for Earthers.

The lack of proper tree trunks and the multitude of small root/trunks can disorientate people walking in a Gothic forest. A compass may be useful, or a guide, or a tracking device, or one may depend sheer luck. Those with unproven luck might do well to rely on artificial aids.


Imaging tips
In conditions of strong contrast, make certain to set dynamic range properly, or otherwise it will be impossible to catch the saturated tints people often like. Note the dead tree: it helps to provide sharp contrasts. Take care, because the right colour balance lasts only a minute or two.
Mercedez-Fuji Rampack with solid stats. F=0.46, Ts(x)=30 seconds.